Your SWFL Commercial Property Partners

SWFL Commercial Group was born from the idea that you could combine the best of commercial property management with the spirit of a truly entrepreneurial culture. This gives our clients direct access to best-in-class property management services, strategic guidance and real estate expertise- conceived and developed in a collaborative environment-by a tight knit team of experts.

The benefit is simple: A unique and consultative management system that maximizes the value of your investment, improves cash flow and increases ROI simultaneously!

Our Values

First and foremost, our business is built on mutual respect.

For our clients, our tenants, our vendors, our employees. From the top down, each member of our team is committed to honesty, professionalism, and integrity.

We believe in accountability.

Owning both our success and our mistakes.

We believe that your profitability is the key to our success.

We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously, always seeking out ways to increase value and efficiencies that will help you meet and exceed your goals.

We believe in being a partner, not a vendor.

We constantly strive to go above and beyond, serve as the go-to resource for our clients, and add value and counsel where we can.

Most importantly, we believe that every property and ever owner is unique.

We believe that taking the time to understand your situation, your objectives and your property is vital to the success of your investment.

Our Story

The SWFL Commercial Group story began in 2005, when founding partner, Patrice Wilson, began investing in the swfl residential real estate market. A seasoned real estate professional, her experience spanned many facets of the industry, including property and asset management, due diligence, construction management and asset disposal. In 2014, Patrice took a leap of faith and began dabbling in commercial properties when an opportunity presented itself that was too good to pass up. Eventually, she added several more commercial properties to the mix and developed creative strategies to maximize the value of the asset and increase cash flow.

This growth and expansion led to a search for management solutions. Yet none of the available options met her strict quality standards.

That’s how SWFL Commercial Group began.

Today, SWFL Commercial Group is in expansion mode. Clients include individual owners and investor groups, with a focus on small to middle market businesses along with locally based companies. Our areas of concentration are office complexes, medical offices and plazas, retail units, mixed use as well as warehousing facilities. Unprecedented attention to detail, unparalleled expertise and high levels of service offer SWFL area investors the ultimate in peace of mind: Knowing that your properties are cared for, your investments are maximized and no matter what, we’ve got you covered!

Our Founders

Patrice Wilson

Florida Licensed CAM Manager (CAM58440) and Licensed Mortgage Broker (NMLS422435).  

Experience and areas of interest include:

  • Property acquisition, leasing, and tenant relations.
  • Budgeting and financial management.
  • Maximizing ROI.
  • Employing out-of-the-box management strategies.
  • Tenant Retention.
  • Property management including maintenance and vendor management.
  • Project management.
  • Understanding that each property is unique and should be managed as such.


SWFL Commercial Group – Fort Myers                                                                                                    Current

Founded SWFL Commercial Group in 2022. Expanded the property management division due to the need that I personally experienced with various property management companies that I had employed.


Creative Executive Space – Fort Myers, FL                                                                                             Current

Founding Partner responsible for marketing, leasing, and property management of shared-use office facility. As a partner in our commercial real estate firm, I recognized a newly acquired space was less than 20% occupied and underutilized. I managed the remodel into a shared workspace / virtual office to include executive suites, private offices, and meeting rooms. I managed the rebranding of the property, developed an “OSA” (Office Service Agreement), established pricing, and built an SEO-optimized website: www.creativeexecutivespace.com.


Preserve Plaza Commercial Condominium Association – Fort Myers, FL                    2014 – Current

Preserve Plaza is a 16-unit, 31,500sf commercial condominium complex. As a Director for the Association, I manage the negotiation and vendor sourcing for capital projects and maintenance services. I manage costs and re-negotiate contracts focused on accountability and the financial performance of the property. Utilizing my CAM license, I personally manage the day-to-day operations, financial management, annual budgeting, and member communications.



Private Mortgage Banker                                                                                                                     1998 – 2018

Sourced, negotiated, and managed niche portfolio products specific to the unique market needs of SWFL. Responsibilities included the development of marketing strategy and business development.94% of my leads and referrals were self-generated. I was told many times over the reason my clients continued to refer friends and family AND kept me on their speed dial was that they knew I cared which made all the difference when selecting a lending partner.  Helping others accomplish their hopes and dreams has been a life-long passion! 

John Wilson

Florida Licensed CAM Manager (CAM56545) and Real Estate Associate (SL3341538) 

Experience and expertise include:

  • Property acquisition, leasing, and tenant relations.
  • Budgeting and financial management.
  • Property management including maintenance and vendor management.
  • Project management


RE/MAX Commercial Realty Group                                                                                                                      Current

Licensed REALTOR focused on the acquisition, leasing, management, and disposition of commercial property in Southwest Florida.


Princess Investment Properties – Fort Myers, FL                                                                                            Current

Acquired multiple commercial condominiums on behalf of investors.  Contracted to have space remodeled for multi-tenant occupancy. Marketed property on a variety of real estate portals (MLS, LoopNet) and social media platforms.  Prepared specialized leases for this unique property and acquired tenants. Currently, perform property management tasks and ongoing leasing activities.


Midland IRA Real Estate Trust                                                                                                                                Current

Acquired on behalf of private REIT, a mixed-use commercial building. Leased the building to licensed

Private School.  Contracted on behalf of the owner the remodel of the building to comply with local and state building codes for the private school, including fire, security, electrical, plumbing, and firewalls.


Preserve Plaza Commercial Condominium Association – Fort Myers, FL                                    2014 – 2021

Served as a board member and officer in this commercial condo association.  Services performed include budget preparation, financial/accounting, maintenance contracting/supervision, statutory compliance, and noticing of all Board and Member meetings.


Wilson & Associates – Fort Wayne, IN                                                                                                      1995 – 2010

Formed this LLC to manage and maintain a commercial office park with multi-owner facilities. 

  • Acquired Industrial Revenue Bond for a 15-acre parcel with a 50,000sf specialty graphic production facility.
  • Project Management duties included zoning variance, negotiating the bidding process, supervision of the general contractor, and coordination of specialized HVAC, electrical, and structured wiring requirements.
  • Provided leasing and property management services for mixed-use facilities. On the 15-acre parcel.


Tonkel Road Office Building – Fort Wayne, IN                                                                                       1989 – 1995

Provided leasing and property management services for 10,721sf mixed-use commercial development.