Although time-consuming, the budget is the blueprint that will tell you the direction of your property, including how much cash you can expect to receive monthly. If done properly — it will also tell you how much rent your tenants should be paying you… both basic rent and operating costs. Our experienced Commercial Accounting Team excels in preparing commercial property budgets. Oftentimes, tenants approach us and say how happy they are with the building and we don’t need to put any funds into upgrading or maintaining the building. Other tenants will offer to look after certain maintenance items themselves such as HVAC.

What can happen is that a property is not pro-actively maintained and then the tenant leaves at the end of their lease. The investor now has a property on their hands that they can’t lease up because it’s in poor shape. They suffer the vacancy and are also required to inject capital to bring the property up to par. If the property had been maintained all along this would not be the case. For Commercial properties — If you have a net Lease, the tenants pay for the costs to run the building.

SWFL Commercial Group will prepare a budget for your commercial property and have it ready for you to review three to four months before your building year end. Also, for larger regional or national tenants, the revised rents notices should be sent to them in plenty of time before the year-end so that there is no hold up with their internal accounting departments. SWFL Commercial Group gets it!. Other than the usual budgeted items such as janitorial or landscaping, other Items to consider would include:

• Cost of Leasing Agent- SWFL Commercial Group has you covered!
• Annual Roof Inspections
• Insurance Appraisal versus a Valuation Appraisal
• Tax Assessment Reviews
• Capital Projects
• Amortization Scheduling

The budget can be a point of connection between the investor and our Commercial Property Management Team member.. An annual walk thru together of your property focused on the new years budget is another area we surpass the competition…

Property budgeting
Our thorough budgets create a detailed roadmap of your property.  We create an annual operating budget for the upcoming year, scrutinizing the previous years’ income and expenses to formulate an accurate financial plan, then we aggressively manage that budget and report against variances every month.