Landlor Representation

The list of responsibilities managing a commercial property can seem endless. From staying on top of where or how your property is positioned in the market to leasing and maintaining your credit worthy tenants, there are countless balls in the air at one time. We at SWFL Commercial Group will always serve your best interests as your Landlord Representative. 

What is the definition of a Landlord Representative? What does a Landlord Rep do?  We at SWFL Commercial Group are committed to helping you understand and develop an in-depth understanding of your property assets, attract and maintain the right tenants, and ultimately enhance your investments’ value.

There 4 key elements SWFL Commercial Group will address:

1) Market analysis

Any smart investor knows, knowledge is power. Understanding both your property and the comparable properties nearby is essential to strategically marketing your space to your ideal tenants. Our experts in commercial landlord representation services will take on the considerable research necessary to understand your positioning and make your property as profitable as possible.

2) Tenant attraction

Armed with the knowledge from a comprehensive market analysis, SWFL Commercial Group will then develop a leasing strategy that appeals to your ideal tenant. Just because your investment property has the hallmarks of what a credit worthy lessee might be looking for, if your landlord representative fails to get the space in front of those making the decision, you won’t be able to close the deal! SWFL Commercial Landlord representation services take this labor-intensive process off your plate and ensure your property is easily accessible by the right clientele.

shaking hands tenant

3) Ongoing Retention

Lastly but certainly not least in the ongoing Landlord representation role, is the development of a strategy for retention before you ever lease to a tenant. Maintaining credit worthy tenants is paramount to your return on investment and SWFL Commercial Group gets it! We stay informed and up to date on the latest market and economic trends and help you manage this element of commercial property ownership on a daily basis.

4) Transactional Expertise

Market analysis, marketing, and tenant retention are all part of the ongoing commercial landlord representation services SWFL Commercial Group will provide. As time goes on and your wants and needs change, you may find yourself in a position where you need to make some decisions regarding your property and the various types of transactions available to you such as 1031 exchanges.

Whether it’s a remodel or a complete renovation, we help manage the construction process from start to finish. Our focus on imporvements is determining the best strategies to maximize ROI. And our network of contractors get the job done and we can guide you through the entire process.