Tenant Retention

SWFL Commercial Groups’ tenant retention program for commercial and retail property management is an invaluable leasing and asset management service. Our Tenant retention strategy ensures that all preferred tenants in occupancy are encouraged to stay in the property and their lease conditions are shaped over time.

Tenant Asset Plan Processes:

We at SWFL Commercial Group do our very best to understand what “tenant retention” looks like for
each investor. For example:

• Understanding the investment intentions of the client is critical to our mutual success.
• Watching the critical dates for the commercial property regarding all existing leases so
property income can be optimized and strengthened.
• Minimizing the threat of a vacancy in property cash flow and across the tenant base or mix for
each individual commercial asset.
• Resolving vacancy issues quickly and directly with a lease marketing plan that attracts a better
quality tenant for the asset and the clients investment requirements.

At SWFL Commercial Group, we make Tenant retention a real point of difference in our business

Retention Benefits.
Here are some tenant retention benefits for starters.

1) Income stability for investor clients
2) Keeping the “better” tenants in the property
3) Dropping off the poor-quality tenants

SWFL Commercial Group has a replacement plan for our commercial property management clients because it is deliberate and wise. Sometimes, regardless of whatever steps are taken, some tenants will move to other locations due to expansion or for a change.

Good practices employed by SWFL Commercial Group to retain Tenants include:

• Tracking upcoming critical lease dates
Bundle attractive lease offerings and occupancy costs for the preferred tenants
• Retain the “good existing tenants”

Our high levels of service keep tenants satisfied, optimizing retention at your property.

As the single biggest driver of economic occupancy, tenant retention is critical to the success of your investment. Our high levels of customer service and responsiveness work to optimize tenant satisfaction and retention.