6 Ways to Increase Commercial Property Value

6 Ways to Increase Commercial Property Value

Increasing your commercial property value can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, it’s not as complicated as you might think. There are many strategies to boost your number of clients and income.

Why Should You Increase Your Commercial Property Value?

Before diving into how to improve your commercial real estate valuation, we will look at why. Knowing why you should increase your property value will help you maintain a focused strategy. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth keeping in mind.

There are many reasons to make structural, financial, and cosmetic changes to your commercial property. Here are some practical benefits:

  • Attracting more tenants
  • Signing more leases
  • Making more money
  • Improving your cap rate
  • Selling for a more significant profit

On the flip side, having a low property value can lead to fewer tenants and lower income. Now that we’ve established why, keep reading to learn how to boost your commercial real estate.

1. Raise the Rent

Raising the rent is an easy, quick way to increase property value. When tenants pay more, you earn more and see higher revenue. This will not only bolster your finances but also affect your property’s overall value.

You’ll want to do a little research before hiking up the prices. Consider similar properties and what they charge their tenants. Often, comparable properties will give you a good sense of the local market and what a fair rate would be.

The last thing you want is to drive away prospective and current tenants by pricing yourself too high. Overcharging can hurt your chances of success and ruin your business reputation. Undercharging may attract more tenants but won’t increase your property value.

2. Give Your Place a Facelift

Making cosmetic and structural improvements to your commercial property can significantly increase its value. Walk around your property – both outside and inside – and note any areas you could improve. You can also hire a trained professional to come and assess your building for you.

You don’t have to spend much time, money, and energy on appearances. There are many practical ways to give your place a facelift, including:

  • Getting a fresh paint coat
  • Adding new furniture
  • Pressure washing exterior surfaces
  • Installing new flooring
  • Updating your signage

Well-kept, modernized properties attract new tenants faster and retain them longer. So, how about tearing up that ugly carpet or fixing your neon sign? Aesthetics play a significant role in boosting your commercial property value, whether you use the cost approach or market approach.

3. Cut Down on Expenses

Two simple ways to increase commercial value are to make more money and spend less. We already talked about making more money by raising the rent. Let’s talk about saving that money by cutting down on operating expenses.

As a business entity, you have many ways to minimize expenses. Here are a few ideas:

  • Install solar panels
  • Use LED light fixtures
  • Look for new vendors
  • Cut unnecessary perks
  • Monitor utility usage

Lower expenses mean higher total revenue, which means better overall business. It’s a simple way to maintain a healthy bank account and increase property value.

4. Reimagine Your Property’s Purpose

When most people see a condemned building, all they see is a condemned building. But what clever businesspeople see is an opportunity. You could repurpose that property to increase its value and develop a successful business.

Take a long look at your property and get creative. Ask yourself how you could convert it and what it could become in the future. Repurposing your commercial real estate could be the best way to increase its value.

5. Choose a Distinct Name

If you haven’t already, choose a distinct name for your property. You’ll want to settle on something unique that helps people identify what you’re about and how you’re doing it. Something as simple as a memorable name can boost your tenant numbers, cash flow, and property value.

6. Improve Security

As a commercial property, you shouldn’t overlook your security. An excellent security system will help protect your possessions, prevent break-ins, and ensure your tenants feel safe. Properties with top-quality security features also typically have a higher value.

You can quickly improve security by adding these to your property:

  • Alarm systems
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Motion-activated outdoor lights
  • Doorbell cameras
  • Automatic gates
  • Shutters

Optimize Your Commercial Property With Professional Services

Increasing your commercial property value might seem like a tall order, but you have many practical methods at your fingertips. If you need help, consider getting commercial leasing services from an experienced team like SWFL Commercial Group. Go online or call us today at (239) 510-3606.