Types of Property Managers

There are different types of property managers and each type has different roles to play in fulfilling the needs of the property owner. Get to know them.

Whether you own an office building, a strip mall, an apartment complex, or a single-family rental home, property managers provide hands-on, day-to-day management so you can focus on other priorities. Although their overall purpose is the same, property management firms may specialize in specific property types. Choosing the right type of manager ensures you get the most from your rental properties.

What Do Property Managers Do?

The specific responsibilities of a property manager vary depending on the type of building and the needs of the property owner, but they generally take over daily operations and serve as the owner’s representative and the face of the property. This may include everything from marketing vacant units, vetting tenants, and handling leases to collecting payments, scheduling inspections and maintenance requests, and communicating with tenants.

Property management companies work closely with property owners to establish budgets and policies, and since many owners lack the necessary experience or knowledge, managers also serve as risk management advisors to ensure regulatory and legal compliance.

The Main Types of Property Managers

When you’re looking for “property managers near me,” you’re likely to find plenty of local firms. Florida has a robust rental market, but it’s important to choose a property management firm with experience in your specific property type.

Commercial Property Managers

These firms specialize in commercial properties, including offices, retail sites, lodging, restaurants, and co-working spaces. They work with business owners who need a space to work from or operate their companies, as well as building owners who cater to commercial clients.

Residential Property Managers

Residential property managers oversee homes ranging from single-family properties to large apartment complexes. They may also manage vacation rentals. If the tenants are living in the space — even temporarily— then a residential property manager is the best choice to oversee operations.

Industrial Property Managers

Industrial property management companies specialize in buildings and campuses that serve the needs of manufacturing or production companies. These properties are particularly complex due to strict regulatory requirements and local codes in addition to the renter’s needs.

Special Purpose Property Managers

Special purpose properties don’t fall into the other categories. These might include stadiums or sports complexes, multi-use facilities, or schools that may not serve residential or business purposes but still need management. By definition, managers cannot market these properties for anything other than their intended purpose.

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