Tips For Responding To Negative Tenant Feedback

Have you ever heard the saying, ‘A stitch in time saves nine’? Well, when it comes to negative tenant feedback, addressing it promptly can save you from bigger headaches down the road. As a property owner or manager, it’s crucial to know how to respond effectively to tenant concerns. In this article, we’ll share valuable […]

Safeguard Your Space: The Role of Commercial Tenant Screening

Commercial tenant screening is a crucial process for landlords seeking to select the most suitable tenants for their properties. With the objective of evaluating reliability, financial capability, and timeliness in rent payment, this process involves scrutinizing lease application forms, verifying the company’s standing and creditworthiness, conducting background checks on company owners, and contacting references. By […]

Why You Should Do Commercial Tenant Screening

Why You Should Do Commercial Tenant Screening

Commercial tenant screening sometimes requires an in-depth analysis of your potential tenant and is a necessary step in the leasing process. But what happens if you don’t conduct one? Is it worth going through the hassle and overspending to avoid it? Here are reasons why you should use a commercial tenant screening. Commercial tenant screening […]