When To Advertise Your Commercial Rental Listing

When To Advertise Your Commercial Rental Listing

Finding someone to lease your commercial real estate starts with knowing when most people might look for a new space to rent. Advertising your commercial rental listings at the right time helps you earn the most interest, allowing you to choose which business you wish to work with. Below are five tips for knowing when to advertise your commercial listings.

1. Know Your Target Market

Your property most likely benefits a particular industry better than others. For example, industrial spaces attract manufacturers and production companies, while office spaces suit executives and business professionals. Knowing who will most likely rent your space helps you determine when you should advertise and where to place your ads.

2. Perform a Market Comparison

Commercial listings usually include building features, price per square foot, and other information potential renters want to know. Check out the other commercial properties in your industry and compare your listing to them. You’ll learn whether you’re under or over-pricing your space, how to refurbish your property to attract more renters, and how you compare to other commercial rental listings.

3. Have Your Property Appraised

Recent refurbishments vacated spaces, and other physical changes to your commercial properties affect their worth. Schedule a property appraisal to learn the full value of your space and what changes may need to happen to pass inspection. Appraisers consider many things during assessments, including:

  • Zoning and public ownership records
  • Property valuation against comparable commercial listings
  • Current leases (if any)
  • Upgrades and changes to the property

4. Build Relationships With A Professional

While you may feel tempted to handle your commercial listing on your own, working with a professional can put you in contact with clients you otherwise may not have met. Many commercial property owners specialize in a particular field, such as industrial, retail, or office space. If you offer different commercial real estate types than they do, or if you befriend them and they run out of space to offer a client, they may call on you to help fulfill the needs of a commercial renter.

5. Advertise in the Right Places

Knowing when to advertise your commercial listings does little if you don’t know where to place your advertisements. Some popular places to advertise your rentals include:

  • Online commercial real estate directories and news directories
  • Google Ads
  • Trade publications
  • Social media
  • Commercial magazines and newsletters

These advertising hotspots attract thousands of viewers in need of a commercial rental. Besides the potential clients, you’ll find information on similar buildings and learn how to make your ad stand out from the pack.

Advertise Your Commercial Rental Listings With SWFL Commercial Group

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